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It’s no wonder whycladding is very popular in the UK. This building material has many advantages and it continues to be one of the top features in modern homes. To learn more, here are the top 10 benefits of cladding:


Cladding comes in a variety of styles, from stone and brick to vinyl and metal. When you choose a proper material for your home try to consider climate, building codes, and your practical needs. The most popular type is composite cladding which is mainly used in modern homes.


The quickest way to boost home value is by improving your curb appeal and cladding is an excellent option. The right type of cladding can instantly freshen up the house, no matter if it has a traditional or contemporary style. Combine the cladding’s color and style with the roof, outdoor décor, and window frames to get maximum results.


Besides increasing visual appeal, cladding also plays a large role in improving the functionality of your property. Most composite cladding materials have high weather-resistance. They will protect your home from rain, snow, and strong winds. You can also increase weather-resistance by applying special coatings for protection against UV lights and water.


Some cladding materials are more vulnerable than others, especially wood and aluminum. So if you want to keep the wood aesthetic but live in a moist environment, choose composite cladding instead of timber. It has the same visual appeal only it’s more durable and resistant. You can also apply coatings on timber to increase resistance, and fight off insects and mold. This is crucial for wet areas like UK and Ireland.


The most exciting benefit of cladding is that it acts as an extra insulation barrier. Outside air has a tough time entering a building when cladding is around. Besides different materials, cladding also comes in different thicknesses. Generally, the thicker it is, the better thermal insulation it will provide.


With balancing temperatures between the inside and outside of a building, cladding significantly reduces energy consumption. Plus, some cladding products are made from recycled orrecyclable materials. Recycling used building products cuts unnecessary production and carbon dioxide emissions.


Privacy is extremely important. Constantly surrounded by phones, laptops, loud city noises, news… all of us need our peace and quiet now and then. Luckily, cladding reduces echo sounds and provides a tight soundproof barrier.


Cladding also improves mechanical strength. By being weather-resistant, it eliminates chances for cracking due to temperature variations, minimizes water absorption, and provides an extra layer for UV protection. As a strong barrier, it reduces the amount of polluted air that enters a building.


Unlike paint, cladding can last a lifetime, the maximum lifespan being well over 60 years. Most of the maintenance will consist of pressure washing and refinishing once every few years. The number of years between each cleanup will depend on the material and climate.


Having all these benefits in mind, one can easily see why home buyers love properties with cladding. With increasing energy efficiency, weatherproofing, soundproofing, and curb appeal cladding increases your home value as well. You can check your property’s value by using free online tools such as this one.

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