Three Tips To Help You Use the Lockdown To Your Advantage

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The pandemic has forced us to live our lives completely differently. We had to kiss our social life goodbye while also giving up some of life’s greatest pleasures — like going to the pub with our friends on a Saturday night or grabbing a quick bite to eat at our favorite restaurant. While the lockdown has been tough on all of us, there’s a benefit in looking at our situation from a different perspective. The lockdown actually gives us the ability to focus on ourselves because we’ve had to step outside of our normal daily routines. Here are five ways you can use the lockdown to your advantage so you come out of this time having something to show for it:

  1. Focus on Your Health

The lockdown has forced us to slow down. We used to grab fast food on our lunch break because it was the quickest and easiest option — but now we’re stuck at home with plenty of time on our hands. You could utilize this extra time by focusing on learning about nutritious foods that will properly fuel your body. The British Nutrition Foundation has an abundance of information derived from scientific research that will guide you when choosing foods that make you feel best. Gone are the days when you just grabbed whatever was convenient; you can now take the time to learn how to feed yourself nutritious foods in a timely manner. For example, cooking yourself lunch for the week on a Sunday allows you to simply grab a premade and healthy meal for every lunch throughout your work week. You could also begin working out regularly to increase your energy and support your mental wellbeing. Now is the time to focus on your health when you might not have had the time before.

  • Prioritize Your Passions

Did you feel stuck in your day job longing for a way out before the pandemic? The lockdown may just be the sign you were looking for. Every industry imaginable had to adjust to this massive change in one way or another. You have a really great opportunity to prioritize your passions while you’re stuck at home. While we aren’t necessarily telling you to quit your job, this is a great time to experiment and see what lights you up. This Box Sized Hugs box is a great way to motivate and inspire yourself to explore your passions to see if you can turn one into a career. Pick up the flamingo pen inside and start writing down your plans on the motivational notepad. Try taking this extra time to examine how you’re feeling about your career path and make any changes if necessary.

  • Connect With Your Loved Ones

This lockdown has shown us what’s truly important in life. Our acquaintances have seemingly disappeared into thin air and we’ve lost contact with some casual friends as well. While we might have spent our time elsewhere before, we now have the opportunity to focus on relationships that may have taken a backseat because we were busy. Refinery29 suggests making plans with your loved one’s weekly. Find something that you would both enjoy doing (like a virtual book club or happy hour) and set up a time to video call every week. You could even set up a video call for the whole family to attend — who doesn’t love virtual happy hour with their parents? You’ll quickly notice how your relationships drastically change for the better because you have the time to put a little more effort in.

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