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Occupy your mind with other stuff avoid the activities that leads to relapse. If you are an alcoholic, do not go to a bar. Finding things to commit to will help force the individual to occupy their time with sober-friendly activities.

  • This year, Boston’s Commonwealth Shakespeare Company will present The Tempest from July 21st through August 8th.
  • If your goal is more about alternatives to drinking because you like options, we can help you there, too.
  • If you’re going alone, texting a friend or your support system is a nice way to hold yourself accountable.

He supported me for nine months, and then he gradually started drinking again. And now he drinks maybe one beer a month. He loves non-alcoholic beer. He doesn’t feel the need to drink anymore.

Helping You Live A Thriving, Exciting Sober Life

Make your own candles. Candlemaking is so hot right now, and we’re not just being punny. Join a class or DIY your own to set the mood for your next spa night.

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I realized that I could start connecting with others by posting on Instagram. That opened up a whole new world of people I didn’t know existed. The sober Instagram world was invaluable to me in the early days, as was The Luckiest Club, an online support group. I was so concerned with how I was perceived by others at first, which was what kept me in that cycle of drinking for so long, because I cared too much about what people thought of me.

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