5 Top Polish small towns by ITS Polish travel agency

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Thinking about Poland, majority of tourists and travel agents think about Cracow, Warsaw, Gdansk, Wroclaw or Poznan. These big agglomerations are often the only destinations that tourists can see during their Polish travels. ITS Polish travel agency believes, it is a mistake as huge urban areas do not decide about Polish character that is created rather in small towns and countryside areas that occupy most of Poland’s territory. This is why we would like to propose leaving the biggest agglomerations at least for a while and discovering charming, magical, small towns with distinctive character.

In Poland there is no population quota or a barrier when a village becomes a town. It means that sometimes villages can be much bigger than towns that acquired their town status for example in the Middle Ages. Nowadays, in Poland there are 954 towns (data for 2021). When it comes to tourist movement though, it is not the sheer size or population that is the most important, the crucial factor that makes the destination successful by the Polish travel agency is the unique history, monuments and the specific character that makes it interesting.

Top Polish small towns by ITS Polish travel agency:

  • Zamosc
  • Sandomierz
  • Kazimierz Dolny
  • Chełmno
  • Gniezno

Zamosc (Polish: Zamość)

It is located in the south east part of Poland and has been enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. The city was designed as an ideal Renaissance city that survived almost utterly unchanged to this day. It is often referred to as the“Pearl of Renaissance”, “Padua of the North” or the “Town of Arches”. It is worth to spend a whole day here to admire beautiful Old Market Square and stroll along pretty, small streets of the Old Town. Moreover, Polish travel agency ITS-Poland states that it is a must to see military buildings that encircle the town and visit Zamojskie Museum and super modern and multi-media Museum of Fortifications and Weapons “Arsenal”.



It is located in the south-east of Poland and is considered one of the most romantic towns in Poland with unique character. The town has beautiful location on seven hills, just by Vistula (the biggest Polish river) and near loess ravines and hilly Pepper Mountains. The town can boast over 1000 years history and royal influences. The Market Square, Sandomierz Castle and Cathedral and the Underground Tourist Route are the main towns attractions. The Old Town is so small that you will get everywhere on foot. Polish travel agency ITS-Poland says that if you visit the town in summer you cannot omit the Vistula cruise.

Kazimierz Dolny

It has a reputation of the most bohemian small town and being marvellous destination for couples. It is one of the favourite short break destinations of Polish capital citizens. Kazimierz Dolny is especially famous for its art galleries and outdoor painting sessions as it is the town loved by Polish artists. The must see points here by Polish travel agency are: Market Square, The Hill of Three Crosses, the Castle Complex and the Tower, Synagogue, Vistula Museum, Vistula Promenade and Roots Ravine. It is also a must to buy and taste butter and yeast rooster cakes when you visit this precious small town.


It is picturesquely located at 9 hills in central Kujavian-Pomeranian region of Poland and it is a charming town with distinct Renaissance character. The most often photographed element is the Market Square with the masterpiece Town Hall in the middle. Chełmno is also called the town of lovers with the lovers park and the famous lover’s bench. The town’s specialties are also colourful flower beds in the main park this is why Polish travel agency recommends to visit this town in spring and summer months.  


It is the first Polish capital in the Greater Poland region. Here tourists will find interesting Cathedral Hill with Diocese Museum and precious works of sacral art, charming Old Town route from the cathedral to the Market Square and very interesting Museum of the Beginnings of Polish State that offers many involving and educational workshops for groups. There is also one more interesting curiosity, Gniezno is infested by rabbits, so our Polish travel agency advises to search for their figurines everywhere in the Old Town.

The above mentioned top 5 small Polish towns are just a mere fraction of Interesting Polish destinations worth to be discovered. Still, their originality and unique character make them the most desired locations for romantic weekends, one day trips or finding some piece and quiet far from bigger agglomerations and cities. Immerse yourself into Polish small town reality. You will surely not regret it. If any of the above towns seized your imagination contact one of professional trip coordinators of Polish travel agency ITS-Poland still today.

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